Honda Genuine Parts

At, we feel strongly that genuine parts manufactured and distributed by Honda are the best choice for your vehicle.  These parts are also described as factory or original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts.  They provide the optimal mix of performance, cost, and fit.  Engineers and designers at Honda spend years designing each vehicle, and the selection and design of parts is an important part of this process.  In addition to optimizing performance and cost, these parts even contribute to the high safety ratings consistently earned by Honda.  For example, brake rotor crumpling is studied carefully during collision testing.  An aftermarket rotor would never be tested to this level of specificity.

There are many parts available on the internet that claim to be Honda parts, but are either used, considered "compatible" with Honda but not guaranteed, international "grey market" parts that have been imported inappropriately, or simply counterfeit.  Only an approved franchised dealer can sell genuine Honda parts. is part of a dealer group with multiple Honda franchises and has been selling genuine OEM parts for 40 years.  Our highly tenured staff have over 100 combined years of Honda parts experience.  This helps ensure we will get you the right genuine parts quickly and efficiently.

See below for four videos with examples of why Genuine Honda parts are superior.  These videos cover brake pads, cabin air filters, oil filters, and radiators.

Genuine Honda Cabin Air Filters

Genuine Honda Oil Filters

Genuine Honda Brake Pads

Genuine Honda Motor Oil

Genuine Honda Radiators